As chronicled in his sleeper-hit memoir, Straight Pepper Diet, one fateful summer night, Joseph Naus, a young LA lawyer, went out to have just a couple of drinks. He awoke the next morning handcuffed to a hospital bed and charged with attempted murder … and then it got worse.

The Palsgraf Revelation begins where Straight Pepper Diet left off.

Joseph survived the initial blast of the nuclear bomb he dropped on his own life, but if he wants to become more than a shocking cautionary tale, he must now learn to live with the devastating fallout. He’s an active 12-Stepper, sober and free of sex-addiction for two years, but he’s got big problems. A disbarred lawyer, a two-strike felon, and permanently labeled a threat to society, he’s seemingly unemployable and un-dateable. He’s smoking a pack a day and can’t quit; and, he’s running out of money, speeding down the freeway to homelessness, unable to locate the offramp to “The Road of Happy Destiny.”

The Palsgraf Revelation is more than an addiction and recovery memoir. It’s a documentation of American society leading up to and during the Great Recession. It’s a love story, a forgiveness story, a story of struggling to make a living, a story of hitting bottom in recovery and reluctantly and ever-critically seeking “outside help.”

The Palsgraf Revelation is a story of acceptance and spiritual truth that reveals—in Joseph’s engaging style—the remedy for any ruined life.